LM35 - avoiding inbuild conversion

Hi all,

I just want to share with you how I am using a LM35 C° Temp sensor without using an analog pin.

It's quite simple, but not really the most artistic one.

In my project, I needed 3 K type Thermocouples, therefore I purchased a MCP3424 A-D converter, but as I didn't want to use the MCP9800, I decided to use the 4th channel for my LM35.

Just plug data pin, Gnd on the free channel and power it with 5V.

and, as I 'd already developed the K type MCP3424 conversion, reading the mV from LM35 is a very simple coding and it works perfectly, no need to convert by Vcc *100/1024 etc...

The 4 temp sensors are working very accurately, with very small decimal diff. about 0.02-0.03, the only small restriction is that the LM35 is relatively slow to react, but it doesn't matter in my project.

Hope this could help


Neat trick to save AIs

Are you using the lm35 for cold junction compensation of the thermocouples?

Could you post your code, i haven't found that many nice arduino examples for TC conversion