LM35 temp sensor controlling LEDs Help!

I am new to arduino also, but not programming, and want to create a similar code to have leds to light at different temps using a k probe. Anyone her willing to help? I am willing to pay for the help.

Message me if you can help and I will give the details. It's nothing big, but I dont want to spend my time on it, if I dont have to.

Thank you and will await your response.

Rick from Texas :slight_smile:

there are tons of code out there with a k-probe, for example this instructables (source is here)

the whole smartness you need to code is in the loop (get rid of the LCD), read the temerature and do your range checks…

   digitalWrite(LED1, LOW);
   digitalWrite(LED2, LOW);
   digitalWrite(LED3, LOW);
   digitalWrite(LED4, LOW);
   digitalWrite(LED5, LOW);

   double c = thermocouple.readCelsius();

   if (!isnan(c)) {
      if (c < 0) {
         digitalWrite(LED1, HIGH);
      } else
      if ((c <= 0) && (c < 20)) {
         digitalWrite(LED2, HIGH);
      } else
      if ((c <= 20) && (c < 40)) {
         digitalWrite(LED3, HIGH);
      } else
      if ((c <= 40) && (c < 100)) {
         digitalWrite(LED4, HIGH);
      } else {
         digitalWrite(LED5, HIGH);

not rocket science… you’ll spend more time explaining what you want than doing it… :slight_smile: