LM35DZ / what does 194mV mean?


I don't have a problem with Arduino... But I hope somebody here can help me... ;)

I try to log the temperature of my "main bed cave" with a LM35DZ and Arduino.

The vendor of the LM35DZ says: "Prec.Temp.Sensor 0..100´C -TO92". The LM35DZ datasheet says: "0mV + 10mV/°C / +2°C...+150°C" http://www.national.com/mpf/LM/LM35.html

It feels cold here (18°C) and indeed two LCD thermometers say 19°C. But I measure with a voltmeter 194mV at the LM35DZ and Diciemila, too (anaRef=INTERNAL).

2°C + 194mV / (10mV/°C) = 2°C + 19.4°C = 21.4°C What am I doing wrong?


Bye Arne

I think you don't need to add the +2°C.

The +2°C bit is talking out the range - +2°C to +150°C

I think.

that makes sense... thank u

i already thought of a "very special per-device constant"... :-)