LM741 as an amplifier for K type thermocouple

Is it wise yo use LM741 to amplify the signal of a K type thermocouple if you know that I'm trying to measure a temperature within the range of -70C - +70C.
in case there are options, can you list some o them ?

Is it wise yo use LM741

Not at all, either for a thermocouple or any other design. The 741 was already outdated, 20 years ago.

For a thermocouple, use a thermocouple amplifier breakout with cold junction compensation, like this one.

Thank you! I found this amplifier, I mean MAX31855
But I'm wondering if there are other options!

Yes, there are other thermocouple amplifiers, with cold junction compensation or without.

You could use another K-type thermocouple as the temperature reference, in a standard, precision differential amplifier circuit.

Thank you for your reply!
I tried to check in internet about this possible method but I didn't find that much, so can you send me to some sites where they use K type thermocouple as precision differential amplifier?