LMIC selecting AU915 channels 0-15 when set 0-7 in code

Hi. I have set up an Arduino UNO + Dragino LoRa shield as a simple LoRa node. I have a RAK7249 16-channel gateway configured for AU915. This is the code that I am using is from the ex ttn-otaa in https://github.com/mcci-catena/arduino-lmic.

The issue I have is this piece of code which I added

// The frequency plan Au915 is hard-coded in lmic_project_config.h
  // The band (or selected 8 channels) is configured here!

  for (int channel = 8; channel < 72; ++channel) 

It disables channels 8-72 so I would expect packets to arrive on my gateway in 0-7 channels. However, the “Duty Cycle of the LoRa Channel” graph shows it operating across all 16 channels.

I only have the one node running, yet it is sending packets on channels 0-15. What do I need to do to discipline packets to channels 0-7 please.

Your link does not work. 404 error.

Are you sure LMIC_disable( ) does what you think it does ?

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