Load cell and Load cell amplifier compatibility

I have an Omega load cell and i want to be able to amplify it's signal so that i can read it with an arduino i was wondering if the following two would be compatible:
Sparkfun hx711: https://cdn.sparkfun.com/datasheets/Sensors/ForceFlex/hx711_english.pdf
Omega LC201-100: 0.75 Diameter, Threaded, Miniature Inline Load Cells | Omega
i believe they should be but just want to make sure before i make a careless purchase.
Thank you for any help in advance.

Hi, You need to check with Omega to be sure,

But I think Not: The HX711 is for "bridge connected strain gauges" and the Omega looks different..

Is that different from the typical wheatstone bride formation?

Looks ok to me: two wires in...plus and minus, two wires out...plus and minus.

Note that the HX711 excitation voltage (about 4 point something volts) is less than the "spec" excite of 10 Vdc, so at 2 mV/V, you'll get less than half of the normal 20mV full scale output, and your resolution won't be as good as you might think. Whether that matters depends on your application. Don't use 10Vdc; if you do, you'll exceed the HX711 common mode voltage limit.