Load Cell Circuit Diagram

I am Newbie in arduino programming I wanted to make a weight machine
I just needed the circuit diagram. I already have the code.
The components I have are

Arduino UNO
16*2 LCD display (without i2c)
Loadcell 20kg
HX711 amplifier

Hope some body helps me

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I assume you've downloaded the code from somewhere on the internet? Now you want to be given a circuit diagram. Were you thinking of doing any of this work yourself?

By the way, you'll need to post the code before anyone can do the circuit diagram, so we can see which I/O ports the software is using for the sensor and display.

Sorry, But so rude...
I know a person who can make the code for me but he said that first give me the circuit diagram so i am asking you guys..

So what one is it.
Your name demands 'helpmenow' - thats YOU being rude.

Also, what part of any response given is rude?

Have you had a look online for any tutorials on the parts you have listed? as thay will give you the wiring, as well as test code to use.

I will happily give you a full wiring diagram, but I would want paid for my time.

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I'm going to flag this and suggest it's moved to Collaborations. @helpmenow: you'll need to offer money if you want someone to design the circuit for you.

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