Load Cell Fatigue

Hi everybody,

First time here, so I might make a few mistakes. :) I would like to use a load cell (+Amplifier+Arduino) for the construction of a new test bench. This bench is supposed to test how mechanical parts behave after a long time. I am wondering about the life span of my load cell. For one test, I would like to apply a 1800N force for about 100 000 times with a frequency around 1Hz. I would like to be able to repeat this test a lot.

Do you think the normal Load Cell from Sparkfun will do the job ? https://www.sparkfun.com/products/13332 It's not a problem if I have to calibrate it every 10 tests, but I would like something that lasts long.

I've also tried to find some answers across forums but the best I could find was this topic: https://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=113534.0 and it just talks about creep (which is not very relevant in my case due to the frequency of the force) Thanks a lot ! Arthur

Its steel, it’ll probably be fine. Aluminium alloys are the one’s to worry about, they have no lower
fatigue limit.

I’ve seen steel fail in fatigue a few times, but only when heavily corroded (stress corrosion mechanism).

Just keep it clean. I note the ultimate overload figure is 150% of full-scale, which is rather close for
comfort - make your loading and unloading is smooth to limit the peak forces. This probably refers
to the strain-guage sensor itself rather than the steel substrate.

I guess you could derate to a more chunky sensor, but lose some measurement accuracy?

Is it expensive if it fails? Or dangerous even? If not I’d probably take the risk, but maybe check
various manufacturers of steel loadcells to see what typical cycle lives are.

Thank you ! We'll see and hope for the best :)