Load cell identification and soldering

Hello, I have a load cell that i removed from a Berkley fishing scale that I would like to try and use in one of my Arduino projects. Problem is that the wiring broke of from the load cell. Is there anyway to locate where A+, A-, E+ and E- goes just by looking at the cell?

There is a photo attached.


Does this help: Getting Started with Load Cells - learn.sparkfun.com.

You have 4 strain gauges. When force is applied are two of them compressed and two of them stretched ? If so, then you can make the wheatstone bridge. A HX711 can amplify the signal and connect to an Arduino.

What happens when a wheatstone bridge is rotated by 90°, 180° or 270° or is flipped or upside down ? Nothing. It is still a wheatstone bridge. Perhaps the output will be negative with positive force, that's all.
Find opposite points, and use those to power the wheatstone bridge, use the other two for measurements.

I think the first and the third point are opposite points, and also the second and the fourth.

Yup, that's a good clear photo, so its clear how to wire, 1 & 3 for excitation, 2 & 4 for sense wires,
or vice-versa.

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