Load Cell INA114P connection

I'm using a 1kg Load Cell which I bought here near our place. And i use this blog as a reference: http://cerulean.dk/words/?page_id=42

in the place where I bought the loadcell, they don't have INA125P which is needed. That's why I bought a equivalence IC of this which is INA114P. I research the data sheet of INA125P and INA114P and base from this. I connect the Pin to INA114P. And use the program:

void setup()

void loop()
int weight = analogRead(0);

But the problem is. The program only output "140" in the serial monitor. Even with or without weight of the load cell.

My connection is this.

Arduino Analog 0 -> pin 6 IC Arduino 5v -> pin 7 IC Loadcell (Red) -> 5V Arduino Loadcell (Black) -> Gnd Arduino Loadcell (Green) -> Pin 3 IC Loadcell (White) -> Pin 2 IC Resistor -> Pin 1 and 8 IC GND -> Pin 4 and 5 IC

Please. Help me.

PS. I only use USB as my input in Arduino. Does it affect the vlues?