load cell mounting best practice

Hello - I have a 1kp load cell and room to mount it a couple of ways. It will be weighing an empty bottle and then will trigger a valve to fill the bottle to a certain weight. It will be in the 19 oz range so about 1/2 of the load cell capacity. What would be my best mounting option? I have included a picture of two options. I don’t think accuracy in the 1/4 to 1/2 oz will work, I am more worried about stable readings that don’t spike and turn it off.

Please look at the pic and give me your thoughts.

Thank you,


Here is the best way from my experience.

kPa is a unit of pressure, not mass, volume or force. Is that 19 liquid ounces (19/128 gallon) or mass (1 3/16 lb) or force (ozf)? :slight_smile: