Load Cell U2A with INA 125P

Hello ,
I have this load cell :
with this amplifier:

The wiring it’s this:

The problem is I don’t have any value on Sense (with load over the sensor) and with the voltmeter the value is 0V…

Double check the wiring, and measure the voltages on the other amplifier and sensor pins.

you use 1 kOhm resistor for Rg. That might be too high. Try using a smaller one like 50 ... 400 Ohms.
Regards, AgeBee

The change on resistor didn't do anything and I have reconnected so many times, I have changed wires etc etc and still nothing...
I realy don't unterstund because the load cell works great on this Amp

Maybe It's damaged.

Where did you connect the grey and green wires?


Is it possible for you to try another INA 125 ? Maybe it's killed already.

Where did you connect the grey and green wires?


The load cell doesn't has those wires,
I have connect the : Supply Voltage( + , - ) and Measuring Signal wires (+ , - ) .
So the wiring It's like the link above, with 4 wires.

have you figured out? I have the same problem, although with different load cell.
One thing that i notice is that if i increase the RG value over around 1k I can not read any value.