Load Cell

Is it possible to connect this load cell on arduino mega ? http://www.hbm.com/en/menu/products/weighing-components/canister/u2a/ If yes , can someone suggest me a driver ?

I have to log in to see the datasheet.... Normally an amplifier is needed for a load cell, but perhaps that sensor has an amplifier build in and has an industrial grade output (4...20mA, or 0...5V, or 0...10V). I think the output of this sensor is the output of the wheatstone bridge. So you need an amplifier. Are there 7 wires in the cable ?

Here is the data sheet http://www.hbm.com/fileadmin/mediapool/hbmdoc/technical/b1000.pdf

And yes it has 7 cables.

The pdf shows at the bottom what the wires are.
The INA125 is often used for such wheatstones bridges. Perhaps there are newer and better OpAmps.
Here is an example with the TS954 : http://jdesbonnet.blogspot.nl/2010/10/computer-interface-to-low-cost.html
When you use an OpAmp, the Arduino reads the analog sensor and converts it to digital with 10 bits. The 10 bits is by far not enough for a good load cell.
You can use a chip that converts it to a digital number with a lot more precision than the Arduino. For example the ADS1231.
Here is a discussion about a few different chips: