Load Program into arduino board through another connection than USB


I need to install my arduino board 2009 into a box that will be outside of my home.

Outside and above 15 meters from my computer.

I wonder if it is possible to load the program into arduino board through Ethernet or anything else in state of USB.

Is there another way than usb ?

Thank you niva

5) Why would you need to re-program your Arduino => because the program and the driven devices will evolve.

I have already tried this : Computer => USB/Ethernet adaptator -- ethernet wire 10 meters -- Ethernet adaptator/USB => Arduino Board without success.

I have to power on a LCD monitor and others stuff and the last result was that the LCD had not enough voltage.

I will retry loading throught serial. I know that serial can support long distance Thank you for your response.

Zigbee ? as wireless serial?

IIRC the zigbee shield had a switch that could be in RS232 or USB mode, so it is not as flex as you want it to be...IIRC...

Whatever method, wired or wireless, you will have to pay extra attention to how you will generate a board reset that will allow the bootloader to be activated and 'talk' to the arduino IDE. If the power is wired to the device I guess you could try a power on reset, but that would mean having a wireless connection kind of dumb if your running wires for power anyway, and I'm not sure the power on reset would be easy to time well with the IDE. RS-422 would work if you add a third channel (in addition to tx and rec channels) for the DTR signal which would force a automatic board reset from the IDE.