Load Sensor for School Project

I've got a load sensor (strain gauge) hooked up to a HX711 module, the wires are connected properly. But I can not detect a signal from the sensor. How will I be able to detect a signal from it

You probably have to fix your wiring, your connections, or your code. None of which you have given any information about.
Anyway, here is some good help for you.

Most of the guides I see are for load cells which have 4 wires, but the sensor I have has three wires, so the fourth wire I've seen I have just omitted it from my wiring. So I believe it should be working. I got a multimeter to check the signal wiring, and I recieve a signal back. Just in arduino I don't recieve a signal

You just ignored the link I gave you, didn't you?
If you did read it, why don't you follow the instructions given?