Loadcell, Voltage gain

I will just ask some question regarding my Arduino and Loadcell.
I need to get a measurement with loadcell and i'm using the instrumentation amplifier INA114P.

I don't know what to do first. I done some experementation but i only get two values in my serial monitor (one is if the loadcell has weight regardless what weight it only get same values and two if don't have weight).

I think my circuit is wrong. So my questions are:
1.) What voltage gain do i need for my INA114P. My loadcell is 1kg 4wire
2.) What voltage does the ARduino need to get my weight measurement.
3.) What is wrong with my experimentation, getting only two values
4.) Do you know how to make a circuit using INA114P
5.) Do you know where can i test the circuit to get the correct voltage gain
6.) How can i change the voltage gain value, All I know is Av = Vo/Vi :slight_smile:


Can you please show a circuit of exactly how you have wired up your load cell to the amplifier and power supply (and the arduino, if you've gone that far).