Loading a Sketch to the Lilypad

I received two Lilypads from Sparkfun yesterday. This morning I sat down and tried to make them fly.

After some inspection it seemed that the P3/P4 programming adapters I developed for Paul Badger's BBB and RBBA and whcihc also work on Lady Ada's Breaduino could be easily adapted to the Lilypad.

The P4 has three rows of holes one of which would be used to take the pin/socket header of choice to connect to your *duino board to load sketches. I set it up that way so that by slicing the traces between rows 1 & 2 you could use jumper wires to reconnect in a different pin order.

In short, it worked just fine. I used a 4 pin right angle socket header inserted flush on the bottom of the Lilypad so it didn't add anything to the slim profile, and used a right angle pin header on the P4. Reset on the Lilypad is not handy so it is only GND, TxD, RxD, +5 and you have to push the reset manually when loading the sketch.

Pictures available at http://www.wulfden.org/pa/index.shtml#P4L.(its down at the bottom of the page, clic on he thumbnails for larger images.)

I sell the kits for the P4 for $5 (3 for $12) plus shipping. In the Paypal notes to seller, say that you are getting this for a Lilypad and I will throw in the right angle pin and socket headers.

Cheers ... BBR


nice hack!