Loading Multiple File

OK I have found a Project I want to do for my RC Planes. Take a donor Joystick, gut it, and use an Arduino Nano Vc to make a 6-channel RC PPM Encoder

The PROJECTcan be found here. There is a Link for the CODE, and when you click it downloads a ZIP FILE. Once you unzip there are 13 .pde files for various function.

I am real new to this and I know this is a silly question but how do I load and compile 13 programs?

My gut tells me one of the files should be a.cpp file and the other 12 .h files. Would any of you be kind enough to help me out please.

The standard extension for an Arduino program is .ino. The extension .pde was used in earlier versions. You must put all the files into one single folder. That folder should have the same name as the "head" or "main" .pde file. Then when you open that file in the Arduino IDE, it will open all other .pde, .ino, .c, .cpp and .h files in the same folder.

The .pde and .ino files are concatenated alphabetically before compiling. .h requires a #include directive. The .c or .cpp file matching the .h will then be compiled too.