Local Help/Mentoring/Collaboration

Please bear with me; I know this is a little off the wall.

Is there anyone in the Antioch, CA area working with Arduinos on more of a hobby level? I am hoping I can find some folks interested in workign together to help each other with there projects. I Have a tough time learning from reading alone. The documentation is great and the forums are wonderful but there is just nothing like being able to stand there in front of someone with your little pile of parts and wires and asking questions.

I suggested "hobby level" because I think I would bore professionals to death with my little projects. I also have a problem understanding people that launch into too much indepth detail. To a lot or you real wizards out there, the details seem very common to you but to me, if they get too involved, I get lost. Sometimes, I just want to know what time it is not how the clock is made. :-)


Jim, K6JMG


Good luck with your search... from your sig, I assume you have some radio projects in mind?




Actually, I am more interested in using the Arduino for some robotics projects.

Jim, K6JMG