Local Website via ESP8266 E12 <-- how to make a steady IP Adress?

Hi Arduino friends,

as my topic title suggest, I have some troubles with my ESP8266 IP Adress. Here a the facts:

  • I have placed a local website
  • My aim is to control some machines via ESP8266 via Smartphone
  • The website works good

Here are my problems or questions:

  • is there another way to open the local website, or is this only possible via IP-Adress?
  • My second problem is: the ESP says this: (IP unset)
  • My third question is: is there a way to set an steady IP-Adress ?

I hope you guys have understood what my problem is. I really wanny make sure that everyone can get access to my local website.

Depending on your browser/network/DNS, you may be able to use the .local domain name.

you mean, that esp8266 has a http://localhost adress too ? Note: it has to be a direct connections via smartphone. Routers and etc. are not allowed.

I just tried the localhost... it did not work.

Second note: the local website has to be reached from every browser...

Third note: there is no problem to connect a smartphone to the ESP.

I just tried it to get access to the webpage. Here are some new facts:

  • I have codes the ESP's SSID with the IP Adress, in other words: if you do a wifi scan, than you are able to see a SSID called "(IP unset)".
  • you can connect to the SSID, so no problem with that
  • you can also access to the website with IP

Why does not show up at the SSID ? two month ago, it worked. two month ago, I did put the IP directly to the SSID. It worked than. you could see as SSID this: <-- so it worked

My only fear ist, that this IP adress could change sometime. So agian: is there a way to make it steady ? The best way would be, to reach it via hostname, for example: http://esp

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