Locating a RF Beacon in 3d space to adjust aircraft position

Hello guys,

I have been working on a fully autonomous airplane. So far I have been handling the landing process by only flying on open fields. However, I want to make a full approach and landing to a runway (or road). I don't think GPS data is precise enough for the airplane to properly line up and land without going off the runway.

I am planning on using a RF Beacon or anything that can work actually to place at the start of the runway and align my craft according to its position. It's range is not have to be super long. I can use my gps until the final approach.

What can I use to make this happen and use this data from my Arduino to orientate? All input is much appriciated.

RTK GPS uses a base station and RF link to give +/- cm accuracy. You can buy a ready made setup here: C94-M8P | u-blox

I would go for using a GPS that can give you the accuracy you need, as has been suggested.

In a large open space clear of all obstructions you might make some form of RF localisation work, but a significant challenge even for a very experienced RF person. Get it wrong and the consequences could be dangerous.

I would also suggest that you contact the PX4 Autopilot guys, if there is way of using RF beacons for precise landing, they ought to know about it.

Firstly, Thank you for both of your replies. RTX GPS is a very logical way to do it. I will be considering it. Thank you for that. However, they are pretty expensive.

I did some research and found this video which is a live demonstration of a navigation technology that I very much liked. The astounding athletic power of quadcopters | Raffaello D'Andrea - YouTube You can see that he is using a reflector to navigate the drone in space in the fifth minute or so. Do you guys know how can ı get started with this technology.

P.S: I emailed Px4 guys. Thank you for that as well

Do you guys know how can ı get started with this technology.

Nope, not seen the video.

Drones have been around for a great many years.

So if there was some cunning wheeze way of on the cheap making an autonomous navigation landing system, then you would expect that since many thousands of very experienced engineers will have already had the idea, the examples should be easy to find.

the next problem is wires. good luck with that.

Do you guys know how can ı get started with this technology

You could contact the person who made the video, but learning Control Theory is the place to start. It is taught in every engineering school.