Locating an object within a room

Hi Arduino Forum,

For my graduation project I'm looking for a way to locate an object within a room. The system should know where the object is at all times which would mean I will be able to notice a change of location of the object.
I have looked at different techniques like beacons, bluetooth, RFID, infrared and mapping with the Kinect.
At this point I don't know which technique I should use. Does anyone have any experience with locating an object within a room or have any advice in how this can be done rather accurate?

Thanks in advance,

very hard to get accurate…I know of companies spending $Ms trying to solve this accurately & reliably.

…hints are

  • using a camera on something like Raspberry Pi with image analysis software.
  • measuring the speed of sound (object needs to send a sound) & triangulation
  • ultrasound

even better if the object has a ‘beacon’

Simplest would be having an IR beacon(s) placed at known height on top of object. Use a webcam to snap images and because the position of camera & height of beacon is known…use your favourite maths theorems to calculate position…don’t forget to calibrate it for extra marks. :slight_smile:

…Usually more marks are given if you compare & contrast several different approaches!

If you get a good solution …post the results back

What are your limitations? What is the end goal? Does the object need to know where it is? Those are more dependant than anything else. Otherwise you can do local positioning systems (LPS) which is the same as GPS but on a much smaller scale (and more accurate).

I know that the Mechatronics graduate class at my university used web cams with glyphs to locate different objects for their automated parking system algorithms (Using mindstorm robots).