location of files on iMac

On Windows there is a directory Arduino with many subdirectories staring with Hardware and Tools.

Where are these located on the iMac? I just see the Arduino.app in my Documents directory. Are they hidden?

It is normally found in the APPLICATION folder.

You can search for it by opening the finder and using the search looking glass for ARDUINO and look for the folder.

Or you can open the IDE and under preferences you will find the path.

I make and alias on my SIDEBAR for easy opening.

You can also move the folder by dragging it where ever you want it an then setting the path in the IDE's preferences.

There is nothing in the Application folder saying Arduino.

The preferences file only shows where Preferences.txt resides. That is the only file.

Open the IDE make a dummy sketch and save it, then search for it.

I know exactly where my sketches are saved. However, other than the arduino.app and sketches, there is nothing else there that I can see.

It's in the Applications folder. RH-click on the Arduino app and select "Show Package Contents". Then you see all the files.

I just see the Arduino.app in my Documents directory.

Or if that is where you put it, still RH click Arduino.app like I said.