Location of libraries.

When I first installed the IDE, I started saving imported libraries to the ...\arduino-1.6.3\libraries directory. That is mainly because I did not know how to import them directly through the IDE. When I started to use the add library function I would navigate to the aforementioned directory to find the library and the example directory in it. And you may be thinking "you won't find it there..." So after not finding it there, I would place it directly in the directory by unzipping the library into the previously mentioned directory. After doing this a few times, I started getting compile errors because of duplicate libraries.

That is when I discovered that there is a library directory in the "..\Arduino Sketches " directory. It seems that the program puts them there by default. Is that typical behavior? Does everyone keep their imported libraries separate from the native libraries directory?

Now I have a bunch of non-native libraries in the native libraries directory. Would it be safe to simply take all the non-native libraries (Identified by the fact that they have a different time stamp), and just move them over to the other libraries directory? Or will it confuse my existing sketches?

I am assuming they are in a different place to avoid confusing the native and non-native libraries, correct?

The "..\Arduino Sketches " directory is there so your local libraries can remain in place when you upgrade the IDE, and not have to copy them all over into the new IDE.

Thanks, that makes a lot of sense. I was wondering about upgrading the IDE and what would happen with all that stuff that came along after I first started using it.