Locking/unlocking pet flap

I know there have been a lot of doggy doors and pet flaps on here but I couldn’t find one that meets my thoughts. I want to be able to lock and unlock a flap when my dogs approach. I also have a cat that I don’t want unlocking it.

My first thoughts are RFIDs on the dogs. Simple and will work.

No my idea for the lock is rather simple also but just want a bit of input. I was thinking of a small solenoid from an old CD player. De-energised it will lock the flap, when a dog gets close enough it will unlock. It will automatically lock when it closes again.

The only downside to all this is I want to run it off batteries. But will use a plug pack if I have to.

Any thoughts?

I have seen solenoids that are moved from one state to the other with a pulse, but then they don't need current to remain in either state. That gets you down to momentary pulses some number of times a day. I used that kind successfully in an irrigation project which turned water on and off.

How big were they? I only need something small.

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