locks that are electronically controlled.

Hi all,

I’m looking for a lock that works like the electro-magnetic door lock. However that thing requires 24hr 12v power round the clock.

Is there a kind of lock that requires a short pulse of power to lock followed by another pulse to unlock?


There are quite a number of electromagnetic door locks, most with keypads, that will work on a 1-2 D cells for a couple of years. Home improvement stores carry them.

Hi, Thank you.

Those are actually activating a servo that pushes a sliding bolt in place. Is there something else in the market that works differently and yet achieve a secure lock at the same time?

Im looking at locking shopping carts.

Motor driven locks are available at a price.

Have a look a car locking acuators, should be able to find one for abou 10.

Shopping carts with electronicly locking wheels can be purchased ready made.

Perhaps i should add those wheels are available as items to upgrade existing fleets of trolleys.

Locks are ggenerally designed for specific purposees so anything you find is likely to need considerable modification.