Lockup problem? My arduino uno cannot be recognized after relay tests

Hi guys,

I’m trying to control several solenoid valves via a relay module.
It was working perfectly fine last week. But when I test it again today, my arduino didn’t work at all.
Even it cannot be recognized as a device. Just the green power light is on, and it couldn’t be reset either.

Please see the link below.

According to the article, it seems that it was because I connected Vcc and JD-Vcc via a jumper. (I didn’t remove the jumper, and connected Arduino 5V to the Vcc of the relay board. Also I connected Arduino GND to the GND of the relay board.)

Q1: If I want to use one external power supply to power the arduino and the relay module at the same time, will it cause the same problem? Even if I follow the above recommendation of wiring?

Q2: My arduino board seems to be dead. Isn’t there any way to make it alive? What does the lockup mean exactly?

I’ve already ordered a new arduino, but I don’t want to make the new one dead again.

I’ll look forward to your advice.