Lockwood/Yale wireless deadbolt (updated for any ZigBee integration!)

Has anyone successfully interfaced with this lock? I presume the ZigBee version is more open than the z-wave but I don’t see protocol specifications anywhere.

Alternatively does anyone know of a motorized deadbolt with simple open/close DC contacts? There are many fail-open and fail-safe electric strikes and deadbolts but what I want is something that fails to its current state with no power and can be opened/locked with a key.

OK, so maybe no one has talked to that lock.

Has anyone managed to communicate with any commercial zigbee device (e.g. Control4 compatible stuff) with an arduino? Either with an Xbee (I don't think that will work due to the extra packet headers they use but I would be very happy to be wrong on that) or with something like a CC2530 module?