LOFI Blocks - Mobile app to control and program Arduino robot on Android and iOS


Hello everyone,

We have just published a new app with an attempt to simplify robotics education for kids. LOFI Blocks provides simple visual programming interface based on Google Blockly and Scratch for programming robots built with Arduino.

The app is available on iOS and Android and communicates with Arduino over bluetooth modules such as most popular HC-05, HC-06 and HM-10 BLE module on iOS.

You can find more info about the app, arduino code and build instructions on LOFI Blocks website

You can find the app here:

Android version

iOS version

below is some more press info.


LOFI Blocks is an app and a robot recipe that will help you learn (or teach others!) how to control ROBOTS

By snapping colorful blocks you will learn principles of programming and code your robot to avoid obstacles, follow light and do plenty of other things.


BUILD IT YOURSELF! - if you have an Arduino board together with some basic electronic components you can make a DIY version of LOFI Robot from our recipe that will work with LOFI Blocks app.

GET OUR KIT - if you would like to have an all-inclusive package with all the parts needed to build the robot and user friendly LOFI Brain controller order our LOFI Robot - EDUBOX kit.


Simple interface for visual programming - based on Google Blockly, similar to Scratch. Connects with LOFI Robot or any other Arduino based robot. Blocks for controlling two DC motors, four analog inputs, four analog outputs (PWM or servo), distance sensor and buzzer. Built in gamepad and accelerometer to control your robot. Built in inputs monitor and a basic console to simplify debuging


Build a robot form LOFI Robot EDUBOX kit or DIY Arduino version If you are using Android pair your device with bluetooth module. If you are using iOS pairing is not necessary. Upload LOFI Robot firmware to your LOFI Brain controller or other Arduino that tyou are using. Install LOFI Blocks app on your device. Lounch the app and click robot head icon in the top-right corner, connection panel will appear with list of available robots that you can connect to. If the app connects properly with the robot a round outline wiil appear on the robot head icon. You can start to code! AVAILABLE VERSIONS

Android - min. Android 4.0 iOS - min. iPad3 or iPhone5 Online - works on Chrome (in progress) Ofline - Windows and Mac OSX (in progress) LOFI ROBOT FIRMWARE - FOR LOFI BRAIN CONTROLLER

You can find firmware for Arduino Leonardo in our DIY recipe page.


LOFI Blocks is in public beta. Please send us any comments and feedback on HALO@LOFIROBOT.COM WHAT WE ARE WORKING ON:

Bluetooth 4.0 support on Android Compass suport Adding RANDOM NUMBER and MAP TO RANGE blocks Translate to more languages JUNIOR version - with icons instead of text commands HELP US TRANSLATE LOFI BLOCKS!

If you would like to have the app in your language please help us with translation. It takes about 15 minutes to translate basic commands. Write us on HALO@LOFIROBOT.COM for details.

Thanks for this information. It useful

Could you please send the details of how the app format the data sent through the bluetooth?