Log data in SD card?

I'm wondering if it is possible to log the data from the ultrasonic sensor to a SD card through the arduino?


yep, and you could use (a lot of cpu resources) limited fat filesystems, so you can pop the card out and read it on your computer, instead of having the arduino dump raw data out to a pc translator :)

Wanna have a simple to use datalogger? Use openlog (sparkfun.com). It simply reads the serial line a writes everything it sees to a microsd card. No programming required! I bought that system and after a firmware update it worked pretty well (for firmware update you need a FTDT breakoutbox)

No, I'm not part of Sparkfun. (Thought I should say that before....)

The OpenLog product looks fun and useful.


$25. I suspect you need to format the SD card on your big machine before you put it in the logger. No big deal.

An older, I think, similar device, which will write to thumbdrives is the "VDIP"...


$17.50... discussed in this forum since at least July 2008.

I suspect VDIP or VDRIVE is a little more complicated, because: - First opening a file - Writing data bit by bit (CHARS only, no integer, no float) - closing the file But writing data to a USB stick is somehow useful as well, but for a beginner it is more complicated!

With openlog it's: - Sending data via serial port- that's it

P.S. No I am not a part of sparkfun as well...