Log devices connected to network

Is it possible to use arduino to record devices that are connected to my network? I know how to look up devices connected to my network manually, but I do not know if i can use arduino to do that for me.

Can it be done?

Maybe I should have provided more information about how I manually look up devices. If you look up your Modem GUI Address and use the admin username and admin password you can see the devices connected to your network. The information shows up in the following format.

Device Name IP Address MAC Address Connection Type Shared Folders

Now I can do this manually, but the engineer within wants to use arduino superior technology to do this. I sm seeking guidance on how to approach it, or if the project is feasible?

Can any of this information be seen using arduino? Can I log into the Modem GUI address using arduino? If so, can I parse this information from the website using arduino?

If I can't log into the Modem GUI address using arduino, is there any other way to see that information or a variation to accomplish the mission?


An implementation of nmap?

What kind of logs do you want?

there are tools such as MRTG that will log the types and amount of traffic passing through a network, or snort that logs traffic and takes actions upon certain types. These are tools you'd run on a linux os on one of the arduion's that support that.

I just want to log time and date when a new device that was previously not connected to the modem makes a connection to modem and when it breaks connection with the modem. I would also like a way to identify the difference in a cell phone and computer. I basically want to log when anyone enters or leaves leave the building. Secondary, I would like a option to enable a way to track the signal connection on a periodic interval in the future.

I have an arduino mega, and a wifi shield. Do I need any other shields to run linux? Would I need to have a dedicated computer hooked up the arudino to process this, or could I power this by a battery?