Logged in but unable to post to at least one topic


I logged in, my avatar is displayed. I went to Bar Sport and the first topic is about Electric Cars but it had no last update time showing. I went to the last page of the topic and my avatar disappeared and I was unable to post. Going to other topics in the Bar that did have an update time displayed seemed to work fine I could have posted had I wanted to.

Also I am obviously managing to post here.

It looks like some kind of bug with the site, I don't think it is cache or cookies at my end and I the problem was still there after closing and restarting my browser.

We have several report of this. You can find some information here:

We have several report of this. You can find some information here:

I got an email saying there was a reply to my post. As normal I clicked the link to go to the reply but it took me to the Forum Index instead and I had to navigate from there.

Logging in was also not smooth. My Avatar did not appear, the Sign In box remained but clicking on that again did nothing. I am not sure what I did to get the Avatar to appear. I then typed a response much like this one but when I hit Preview it disappeared.

I am using FireFox and have no problems on other sites. I suppose it is good that it is not just me with issues, but it is a pain.

Preview worked this time :slight_smile:

I'm sorry to hear about the troubles.

These website hiccups are especially frustrating since we make frequent use of this tool. It's important for the forum helpers to work efficiently if we are to have any hope of helping all the thousands of people who post here. When the website is slowing us down, the result is Arduino users missing out on getting assistance.

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