Logging analog, digital and pwm data

Hi Everyone

I have been using the sketch supplied with the logger shield(http://shieldlist.org/adafruit/logger) and it seems to work fine. I want to record the surface deflections on my rc aircraft. So i was planning to take a tap out of the servo potentiometers, but that would mean large wire lengths(about a meter) leading to the datashield. Is it good to transmit analog signals over this range?

I would also like to record pwm inputs from my radio and angular rates from a gyro(available as a digital signal). I see from shieldlists that the logger shield has pins A0-A3 free. What about the digital pins, could i use them to record these values. Wouldn't an elegant solution be to mux all these signals and send them to the logger shield?

I am an electronics noob and i need some help on this.

Thanks Sam

The length shoulb be fine depending on how noisy the enviroment is, worse case, use shielded wire depending kn the freq recoding the pwm may be hard