Logging Data On App Engine Cloud

I posted my project to feed an LM35 temp reading from an Ethernet connected arduino directly to the open source data logger I made that runs on the Google Cloud - Nimbits. The data gets fed into a "Data Point" and Nimbits will store the data. It can then get relayed to facebook and twitter. It deeply integrates into the chart api service, so you can get all sorts of live charts.

Here is a live chart of my LM35 Temp probe running right now on my fish tank:

Here is the blog posting on how I did this:


Like I said, Nimbits is an open source project I hope the arduino community can get some use out of. It makes it very easy to feed data into the data logger service on the cloud.


tried it out after realized pachube.com free offering seems not sufficient for my ad-hoc needs.

not as quickly to get started comparing to pachube (took me few late hours to deploy my own instance in google apps before were able to start pushing data from my arduino), but once it's up and running - it's free&cool! :)