Logic based actuator control

Hi, I am completely new to everyhting related to coding or programming.

However, I'm trying to get set on a project that I'm working on. Here's what I want to do:

I want to have 15 to 20 micro vibration motors (5V current draw: 100mA, 4V current draw: 80mA, 3V current draw: 60mA, 2V current draw: 40mA) controlled by a logic. The logic is, that an actuator powers up to 50%, then you have to confirm that you feel something by pressing a button. If you do confirm, the next round will start the actuator with 5% less power. I you don't confirm, the next round will increase power by 5% and so on.

Is this something controllable by an arduino and if so, what would I need to get started?

Again, I am completely new to this world so I am sorry if this has been asked elsewhere or is for whatever reason a stuipd question.

It's not easy to control vibration motors in tactile terms. Build a test rig with one motor, a motor controller and power supply, apply various analogWrite() values to it and find out which values fit your feeling - if ever.