Logic Gates with Arduino

I have made a simple Project - that allow fast learning of Logic gate.
What it does: it implements the logic gates:

  1. AND
  2. OR
  3. NOT
  4. NAND

the user uses the correct wires according to the LOGIC gate he want to understand
You need to connect LEDS to see LOGIC gate output.
If you don't have a LED don't worry - you can see the RESULTS on your SERIAL MONITOR.
Just choose BAUD RATE 57600
All instructions will be seen on SCREEN
The CODE is READY you can just copy it and RUN it



Nice work

You might want to add NOR and XOR

This doesn’t make sense to me…

pinMode(AND1, INPUT);           // set pin to input

//make sure all INPUTs are pull down
  digitalWrite(AND1, LOW);       // turn on pullup resistors

One comment says go for pull downs, the other says pull ups. Making an input low does not enable a pull down (there are none built in), but it disables the pull up. Having no pull up is not the same as having a pull down…