logic high == +5v ?


I bought a Pololo A4988 stepper driver to configute microstepping I need to bring some pins to logig high or logic low (which they are in by default). I can simply connect them to +5V? Or is there a difference between bringing them to high via a digital PIN and connecdting them to +5V rail?

Thanks Robert

Logic High = 1 = +5V.

Thanks. Just wanted to make sure I don't fry the driver.


Nearly all modern stuff is CMOS, and CMOS logic levels go right to the rails. (This wasn't true for older TTL logic families which used pull-up resistors for logic high)

CMOS uses transistors to pull the outputs low or to drive them high also. http://www.ti.com/lit/an/scla007a/scla007a.pdf See figures 2 & 3 on pages 1 & 2.