Logic Reversed

I have had been using my Arduino for a few weeks now. I had purchased this Arduino Uno a few years ago,

and had made a few sketches with it, so I recently started to learn the programming again.

But it seems that the logic of turning on or off an led is in reverse. pinMode (13, HIGH); makes the led

go off or stay off.

Any Ideas??

That's not the case with the built-in LED on pin 13, but with an external LED it depends where the other end is.

But if let's say the LED cathode is in a digital pin, and the anode to 5V, the LED will go off when the pin is high since both ends are at 5V. When the pin is low, there will be 5V across the LED and it's resistor, and the LED will light.

edit.... that's not how to use pinMode() I just noticed.

Yes thank you JimboZA I noticed my mistake.