Lol, Arduino Broken!. Love it.

From the forum page that is supposedly broken. ASCII art for errors, nice.

On the lighter side, without the TM ( and a few stray chars ) its a sketch you can include into say setup() that does… absolutely nothing.

Broken!.htm (24.2 KB)

Neat! Lost art. I was watching an ASCII star wars movie a while back. They didn’t finish it, so the characters started dancing and singing “Never Gonna Give You Up” after they ran out of lines.

I used to have a little DOS .com file that would take a .bmp and output an ANSI color code* bedazzled ASCII art version.

(* For those that were present during the dial-up BBS days. Heh. Remember TheDraw?)

I had or have (not sure) a media player that would render video streams in ASCII art in real time. Maybe it was VLC?

Neither are quite the same as some of the insanely detailed hand-drawn art from the old days though.

I have a collection of "line printer art", from the mainframe days. All designed to print 5x overstrike to get something like 64 gray levels, 132 "pixels" across a page (tape together 4 or 5 pages wide for the full picture.) Sigh.
All on 9-track magtape that is probably unreadable. Sigh.