London Arduino Meetup and Jam - event #3 - 19th March

Join us for an evening of presentations and informal discussions around Arduino at the Hub Westminster on 19th March.


> Projects presentations

  • Arduino software cloner by Michael Margolis (Arduino Cookbook author) (see photo below)
  • Infa Red Arduino box by Liam
    > > Arduino News (links, events, tips)
    > Arduino Jam (bring your projects and boards)

Event is of course free, all info here:

Hope you can join us


Thanks for telling us about this group Marc. I live about as far away from London as it's possible to get but I signed up anyway because I hope to get back to the UK before too long and would love to drop in on a meeting.


Cheers Rob, hope you can join us next time.

Many thanks to all for your active contributions to this fun event. You'll find below the detailed event report (with photos, links, resources...):