London Arduino Meetup/Jam + video circuit bending - 13th May

We're back!

Come and join us for an evening of presentations and informal discussions around Arduino at the Hub Westminster on 13th May.

With our usual programme of project demos, news and jam, we'll also have our friend Fabrizio presenting some video circuit bending devices built during a recent workshop. Not exactly Arduino stuff as the devices (video mixer and others) are from the 80's but still very much hardware hacking! (more info here: Video Circuit Bending Workshop - 1 - Beginners).

The event is of course free, all info here:

Hope you can join us


Great event, thanks all for coming!

tl;dr: We had fun with robots

More info with photos, videos and links on these blog posts:

Plus these blog posts by members:

See you at the next event

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