London based artist looking  to collaborate.

Hi Arduino,

I am an artist based in London. I have a great concept for a new piece of a work and am looking for a person of electronic/arduino expertise to collaborate with upon how to execute and realise the idea. I do have a reasonable sized budget, time and am commitmented to the end result.

I have a general idea about the underlying mechanisms, yet lack the knowledge required to realise the idea. So would be looking for a technically minded individual.

Apologies for being vague. It just I am a better conversationalist than a writer.

Please get in touch as this will be really interesting. :)



The catch is that different people are interested in different things. And when it is unsure what it is.. the willingness of most individuals to contact you for details, drops.

So I'm afraid that you'll likely need to post some specifics for this to attract interest.

I have to agree, people have their skills and who might be able to help depends on what you want to do.