London collaborator wanted for interactive costume

I'm looking for someone based in or around London who enjoys tinkering with electronics and would like to collaborate on an audio-based costume. The idea is to have the piece react to touch by playing audio tracks. I’m a costume design student looking to build this for my final year project, but I’m only just getting into the electronics aspect and would greatly appreciate a mentor or someone to co-build with.

I will be covering all expenses and would be happy to trade one of my own skills (dressmaking, textiles, etc) in exchange for help on this project.


I don't actually live in London I live in France but I used to live in the UK before I moved here. I would be happy to help you with some design ideas. I have already worked with touch devices and audio interfaces as well as radio links and MIDI controllers etc.

I have sent you a PM with some of my past projects on, take a look if you think I can help then give me a shout.

Cheers Pete.

Thanks Pete, just shot off the reply (sorry again for the delay). If anyone else is interested in lending a hand (even just an hour of your time would be greatly appreciated) feel free to contact me.

Hi, I could be interested in helping out, BUT, just what experience do you have with electronics or programming?


Thanks for your interest Mark. As previously stated I’m just getting into the electronics aspect, have done a fair bit of reading and some very low-level tinkering but that’s the bit I’m most worried about messing up. Programming-wise I have a bit more experience, albeit rusty, did a 2-year degree in Comp Sci back in the day, never had anything to do with physical computing unfortunately. I’m certainly not looking to find someone to do all the work for me, just want to avoid making costly mistakes or wasting too much time on things that won’t work!