Long board Speedometer/Tachometer Project

I'm completely new with Arduino and everything to do with micro controllers. I did a little research, but for the project I'm planning to go with I think I need some help. First, where could I learn more about Arduino and Coding it seems quite complicated from the skill level I'm at. Just where to start?

I'm planning on using a hall sensor or a magnetic relay switch to read rpm off a Long Board wheel to feed into the Arduino uno. then having the Arduino calculate RPM, Speed, Max Speed and Distance Traveled. But also to make this project a little more complicated or practical, I want to connect the Arduino uno mounted on my Long board communicate via xbee either to the other xbee to a 16.2 handheld lcd or if neccesary a arduino pro mini then the lcd.

I'm aware this project may seem a little far fetched, especially with my skill level ;D, but I'm pretty determined to do this project. And suggestions/help would be amazing.


Break the project down into bite-sized pieces. Leave the LCD stuff until last as it just gets in the way.

If you have no Arduino experience work through several of the examples that come with the Arduino IDE until you are familiar with coding and familiar with how to get data from external devices.

You may find planning and implementing a program useful, but it was not written for a complete beginner.


If you want it more easy and more simple, attach dc motor to that wheel, you can know the speed from voltage :slight_smile:

Thanks alot with the replies, I think I'm gonna go with breaking it down step by step. Also your topic: planning and implementing a program looks really helpful.

I always find it helps to start with a flow chart.