Long Delay (about 12 seconds) near end of Page Load

What are you waiting for near the end of each page load, and re-load?

Pages take around 12 to 20 seconds to load, even a simple Back or page refresh.

This long delay makes it extremely time-consuming to even read the forum,
and offering good suggestions takes even more time.

Editing text seems just slightly better, but still substantially flawed.

Has this forum software ever been tested elsewhere?
If so, where please?

If you have google chrome / chromium variant,

use the keys Control+Shift+I

When the dev tools pop up, go to network and refresh the page, you can see what is taking the time. No big delays on my page ( maybe every so often ).

SMF has a fair bit of use, their website should link to other forums.

Pages take around 12 to 20 seconds to load, even a simple Back or page refresh.

Major cause of delays in loading has been identified in external contents (expecially: CSS files), and this has been fixed some week ago by moving the files on different servers. Can you confirm an improvement in loading time?

On almost every page load, my browser spends tens of seconds download content from store.arduino.com after the page has apparently loaded and displayed. Usually, I will finish reading the page and close it before the store content has completed downloading. This behaviour started when the site was overhauled and appears to be an attempt to maintain a 'shopping trolley' state while we are in the forum. That is IMO pointless and misguided. I don't need to post forum messages while I'm shopping and I don't need to see the state of my shopping trolley while I'm accessing the forum. The two activities have nothing in common and should not be carrying each other's baggage around.

^^^ wot he sed ^^^

I haven't studied what the Arduino forum is doing that causes these delays but I agree with the others that they are extremely irritating.

What's even worse, if I'm trying to read (not download) a page from another website while I'm waiting for a Forum page to load it cause my browser to freeze so the scrolling can't keep up with the mouse, or I unintentionally click the wrong link.

I use other forums that don't behave badly - if the problem can't be fixed with the present forum software there are obviously other better products out there.


To say nothing of that "&token=" garbage that brought down the system a day or two back.