Long distance Data Transmission for Ride Height Sensors

Hi. I want to preface with I’m pretty new to Arduino. I’m working on making some laser ride height sensors for my car to monitor pitch and roll. I don’t have any questions regarding that setup, rather I am unsure how I should transmit the data.

Currently, my plan was for all the data to be sent to my computer in real time, but the more I read about it the more difficult it seems.

My options include:

-Radio trans receivers- The frequency of the readings will surpass the baud rate of the radio

-Wifi Connection - I think this will pose issues when I exit the range

My back up is a sim card, but I don’t want to resort to it.

Honestly, I’m unsure.

You might want to reveal what you mean by 'Long distance' it is critical to the meaningful answers you will get;

1metre ?

10metre ?

100metre ?

1000metre etc ........

Your options that you have listed are all wireless. Are we to assume that the laptop is not in the car?

How often you want to send the readings will determine a rough data rate.

The physical distance between the car and the laptop will also aid in selecting the type of device you use - a point to point system of one reliant on some existing infrastructure.

If this is for a race track scenario, do you want to see the data in real time as it happens?

If not, may be the data can be stored on the car until the car is in range of your laptop and then transmitted in a burst.