Long Range Communications

I am looking for options on long range communications (around 10km - atmospheric), I don't need blazing crazy ass data rated either, even something modest like 9.6kbps would suffice. Any suggestions?
From what I saw about XBee, it doesn't have enough range for what I want.

GSM-GPRS may be?

You might do a Google search for "radio modems". Natures warning sign is that there are not a lot of examples of easy 10k communications floating about.

The problem is if you want to get 11km, no one can be on that frequency for around 30km2.

Because one point is north and the other point 11km south, they could be a stronger signal a little more to the north or one a little more to the south of you.

I was a radio ham and an 11km jump at 9k6 was not possible, to me the only way is by telephone ( Wifi ) or mobile phone.
I not sure about your country , but anything which would go that far would by licensed.

Hi, Other key points:

  • Are these two fixed locations?
  • Is there unobstructed line-of-sight between locations??
  • Can high-mounted directional antennas be used at both locations?

if so, you MAY be able to do this with one of the unlicensed bands....

MAYBE with 100mw from one of these??

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the ground station would be stationary, the other end would move every once in a while but very slowly, I live in Canada and I could use a directional antenna.

some wifi stuff.


You may be able to really push it with:

Like this Antenna: http://goo.gl/61daA or this Amplifier: http://goo.gl/Y8Tcu

Regards, Terry King
...In The Woods In Vermont

You may also want to have a look at WokFi - Wikipedia, Cantenna - Wikipedia and Wardriving - Wikipedia.
The simplest wok- and so called cantennas systems probably won't give you much extra/reliable range.
If you would make 2 medium-sized dishes, build them good and align the dishes well, 10 KM shouldn't be to difficult with a clear line of sight/enough height.
Besides transceivers it costs close to nothing.

Here downunder my broadband is via a 2.4 GHz link.
It uses a low power unlicenced 'bullet' with a 24db Gridpack antenna over a 32Km link at 2MB (limited to this).
As far as I am aware the other end is reasonably omni directional, while my end is very narrow.

Antenna is :-

Bullet is :-