long range pump control

hi, i am new to this arduino thingy but very much interested in learning it and using it. My situation is that there is a tank of water that should be filled whenever water level goes below the set point by a pump that is 4 km away (NLOS). i would like to use a float switch to measure the level of water in the tank if the water level is low the pump which is 4 km away is actuated and a text message is sent to my phone reporting the status of the pump. What should i use to actuate my pump over such a long range. can anyone assist with schematic diagrams of the components i require and the code. your assistance will be greatly appreciated

I suggest you use a GSM shield at each end.

That’s how the farmers round here ( East Anglia) control and monitor their big irrigation pumps.


Your biggest obstacle will be range. A GSM shield would probably be the easiest solution.

You could also use a HC-SR04 range finder like this to measure the height of the water.

To switch the pump on and off you'll probably want a relay board.


What is between you and the pump? Is it land you own? Where in World are you?

I am thinking that if the land inbetween is yours and it's usually sunny you could have a few repeater stations with solar panels and batteries to accomplish what you want.

Depending on local laws, you might be able to use higher power radios in ISM bands that would work too.

Make sure to have more than one sensor at the tank so as to detect an failures.

What is the pump specifics? Voltage? Current?....

What should i use to actuate my pump over such a long range.

Whilst it rather depends on the location, i.e. what is between you and the pump, a LoRa radio would cover that sort of range even in a forest. Modules are around £5 each plus a Pro Mini to drive it.

At the risk of posting an ad...
www.SL4P.net has your answer.

Check youtube … Nrf24L01 14klm challenge by Iforce2D …

And check out what LoRa can do, 702km, 868Mhz at 25mW;