Long range reliable wireless communication

Hey guys
I have an assignment where I have to communicate wirelessly with a vehicle with the following specifications:
o Two-way communication link;
o Range of at least 5000m - direct line of sight;
o Robust capabilities of reaching 460800 bps at 2000m distance;

Is this possible with an arduino?
Hope you can help.
Please let me know if something is unclear

Reliable communicatons at those distances is possible, just about, but possibly not in the unlicenced bands under ERP legal limits.

So where in the World are you ?

And read your own post, it does not say what BPS you are actually after at 5000m.

Explain the actual project as well, its not clear to me how you could have 'direct line of sight' to a vehicle, that is possibly moving about.

I live in Denmark.
My assignment doesn't state what BPS is required at 5km just that it should be able to communicate.
The system will take input from two sensors onboard the vehicle (a drone) and then send the data back to the user.

Then your first step is to find out what the ERP power limits are in Denmark for the ISM bands that you could use.

Would you be within mobile phone range? If so could you use a GSM shield on your arduino - not sure if this fts with your definition of communicate wirelessly, but it would probably avoid licensing issues.

Ask your local radio amateurs for some support.

That means you will have to implement either some type of forward error correction or a protocol where each message is acknowledged or is repeated until a correct message is received.
Your Arduino has nothing to do with the distance. Your radio equipment and antennas control that.

Maybe thing like this?

The bandwidth required for the OP's data rate will require radio equipment in the microwave frequency range.

LRS is optimised around a high packet rate, rather than a high data rate.

You would not get anywhere near a data rate of 460800bps for the LoRa that the LRS library supports, the max LoRa on-air rate is 203,000bps, and accounting for reliabilty and acknowledge stuff you might struggle to get more than 100,000bps average.

There is the a mode that the SX1280 supports that potentially could deliver, it can run at 1,300,000bps air rate and my own SX1280 library does support it, there are even examples for it.

Thanks for the help guys!
Ill look into it

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