Long range senser for water level

for Reservoir Level range from 0 Feet to 150 ft range which is the best senser

If you tell us what the possibilities are, perhaps we can tell you the "best" one.

You want it to read from 0 to 150 feet ?


  • if no water read 0,
  • if 1/2 full read 75,
  • if full read 150 ?

Maybe a Time of Flight sensor.

The one that best suits your unstated requirements and budget.

Please explain the thought process that led you to post in this forum section

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Run a tube to the 150' level. Pump some air into the tube. Measure the pressure in the tube. Repeat until the pressure no longer goes up. That is the water pressure at the opening and will tell you the height of the water column above the end of the tube.

0.433 psi per foot so you need to be able to measure pressures up to 65 psi (150')

Ones I've seen are max at 4 metres.......

A popular approach is to use a weighted float on the water surface, hanging from a pulley on a long, suitably counterbalanced rope.

Monitor the up and down motion by connecting an angle encoder and/or rotation counter to the pulley shaft.

Length 150 m, 300 m (492'01")

Very nice, but the lack of a "buy" or "add to cart" button suggests that the price may be quite embarrassing.

What accuracy/resolution are you looking for (e.g. 1", 1', 10')?

Pepperl+Fuchs AG, not going to be cheap

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"Reservoir", assuming water, could be lake-sized. That could be some distance from the Arduino.
Then a bubbler (small tube to the bottom of the lake), with a differential pressure sensor near the Arduino could be an option. A resolution of 2-3 inch could be possible.

Hi all.
I imagined that measuring a water level with a range of 150' has the appearance of being a professional (industrial) project, so I recommended VDM100 .
In this area, (industrial), everything is very responsible and very expensive.


Most commercial liquid management companies/government agencies that I have come across with this type of design spec, submerge the pressure sensor in the "liquid" on a cable and lanyard.

Usually two units at a remote site for redundancy.

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